Season 1
No. of episode          Tile of episode                                                                        
1 'The Mysterious Village'
2 'Fire In House'
3 'Magical Typewriter'
4 'Supreme Everine'
5 'Normal'
6 'Weaving Bad'
7 'Night of the Stench'
8 'Drifty'
9 'Tallulah Brinkworth Meets Her Match'
10 'Forevermoor'
11 'Day of Hearts'
12 'The Labours of Bella'
13 'Spellbound'
14 'Nothing Rhymes with Cameron'
15 'Twist of Fate'
16 'A Fuffwah too Far'
17 'Valentina'
18 'Operations Lights Out'
19 'Being Bella'
20 'The Science of Seb'
21 'The Rise of Hollowfall'
22 'New Flames'



'The Egg and the Snoot'


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